Frequently asked questions

Does the CoatALL work on most animals?

YES!! Due to the pheromone we discovered here at Happy Herd. There have been many pictures and videos of all kinds of animals from moose, elk, antelope, bear , deer, hogs and everything in between frantically responding to the power of the CoatALL attractant.

How much CoatALL needs to be applied?

Great question…the CoatALL products go a long way. For 50lbs of feed we recommend 4 to 5 sprays. The CoatALL is super concentrated and it is possible to use too much.

How are your products superior to other products?

We use the most scientific and up to date recipes known in the hunting industry today.  Our Protein to Fat Ratios are perfect, according to Biologists.  We use Vasodilators, microencapsulated Probiotics and Chelated minerals to ensure your Herds best health.

What is your number one selling product?

That would be our Happy Herd Coat “ALL”. It is 100% naturally oil based.  That is why the animals are drawn to its natural aromas.

Why does animal activity increase so much when I use the Happy Herd Coat “ALL”?

Due to the pheromone technology contained in the CoatALL products. The animals themselves actually lure in other animals from the surrounding areas due to oil based products contacting the hooves and hair of the animals that come to the site.  When the animals leave they then take the Coat “ALL” with them.  Then, over time, the other animals that cross their trails seek out the sites for themselves.

Will Happy Herd Products help with nocturnal bucks?

Yes.  There are tons of reviews from hunters that have taken old wise bucks that started using Happy Herd Products.  We see all the time customers say that they had never had daylight pictures of a certain buck before.

Do you think Happy Herd Coat “ALL” will work with other products?

Yes, it has been proven by many field staff members that have tried Happy Herd Coat “ALL” with other products.  When the Coat “ALL” was applied the other products then became a lot more effective.

Does the scent of the COAT “ALL” wash away?

No.  The scent is actually amplified when it gets wet, due to being oil based.  The scent will stay until the animals get rid of it themselves. Testing has shown deer visiting a test site for nine weeks after the feed was gone.

Will deer come to the smell without feed being present?

Yes.  It has been documented by photos many times where the animals showed up just because it was sprayed in an area or simply on the ground.

Can the products be used as a cover scent?

Absolutely.  It is illegal to bait deer in some states.  It is not illegal to use a Persimmon or White Oak Acorn cover scent.

Can products be purchased in bulk?

Absolutely, just use our special orders page located on the top menu.

Do you have discounted rates for outfitters?

Yes.  Each outfitter is dealt with on an individual basis, just give us a call or use the Contact Us page on the top menu.