Make Your Hunt a Hassle-Free Experience

Offering Pheromone-Based Scents and Attractants

Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc
Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc

Luring in Animals Has Never Been This Easy!

Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc offers hunters and outdoorsmen quality scents and attractants that will lure the animals you want to where you want them. Every product in our line has been engineered and processed to affect a particular group of animals and get them to react the way we want them to. Whether you’re hunting 5½-year-old bucks, mature bears, or hogs, our scents will get them acting the way you want.

Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc


Unparalleled Scents and Attractants You Can Trust

All of our products are made using the finest materials and designed to focus on mature animals. Once our testing has shown that  mature animals react the way we want, then we know our products will have a positive effect on all animals. We have tested and proven our scents and attractants in a multitude of scenarios to ensure your satisfaction. Many companies have tried to replicate what we offer but none can match the trade secret, quality or the effectiveness of our products. If you see a product that mimics our CoatALL, it was made just to do that and further dilutes the market that we hold so sacred. Our 100% money back guarantee says "you can trust Happy Herd products!"

Giving Outdoorsman of Any Skill Level an Advantage

Our Happy Herd CoatALL Attractant has changed hunting as we know it. It uses our secret pheromone discovery to make deers, bears, and boars react the way you want to. Instead of being cautious of an animal’s sense of smell, we can use it to our advantage to lure and track them down.

Effective Scent Camouflage at an Affordable Price

We now offer the finest processed urine line in the market today. Everything we manufacture is focused on mature animals, and the "mature bucks" know the difference. Contamination from the air to the bottle is the main reason for urine breakdown, which causes reduced effectiveness. Therefore, we process Happy Herd urine using state-of-the-art medical procedures not found anywhere else in the hunting industry to avoid any possible contaminants. Urine quantities are limited so order yours today!

Hunt and Track Animals With Ease

Our products can help you be more efficient with your hunts by allowing you to get into an ideal position without startling the animal. Contact us if you have any questions about our scents and attractants. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our product, we’ll buy it back.