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Happy Herd Nutritions is proud to announce that for the last 14 months we have been working diligently to reduce our production costs and improve our already exceptional product quality. Due to these efforts, we have been able to reduce the cost of our products to the point that we are now able to pass these savings along to our loyal customers. We offer the best products on the market and now we offer them at best prices. You and your herd will love our products, we guarantee it or we will give your money back no questions asked.

Tory Pegg new North Carolina State Archery Record. Harvested with the use of Happy Herd Persimmon CoatALL.

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Happy Herd Nutrition’s, Inc. is a premium attractant, mineral, feed and seed company that prides itself in being the original developer of the tested and proven Happy Herd “CoatALL”.  There are literally thousands of feed and mineral companies today. We pride ourselves in possessing recipes that scientist have proven to be second to none for overall Animal Health, with ingredients like vasodilators, Micro-encapsulated pro-biotics and chelated minerals. The CoatALL attractants are designed to be used year round as a part of your feed and mineral program. The number of animals you attractant from the surrounding area through the oil based technology is unbelievable. The “CoatALL” attractants contain an Industry leading Trade Secret discovered by Chris Briles that focuses directly on the olfactory system of an animal through a pheromone technology. This breakthrough discovery has changed hunting as we know it. Now you are able to use an animals sense of smell to your advantage rather than hiding from it! GUARANTEED!!!

“I came upon Happy Herd CoatAll on Facebook and decided to try the product because of the reviews other hunters had posted. I bought the Caramel Apple and had no idea what would happen. It attracted my buck of a lifetime, held him, and got him to walk in the daylight. Thank you Happy Herd for making products that truly do make a difference.”Lindsey Hawk