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Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. is a premium attractant, mineral and feed company that prides itself in being the original developer of the tested and proven Happy Herd “CoatALL”.  There are literally thousands of feed and mineral companies today. We pride ourselves in possessing recipes that scientist consider to be second to none for overall Deer Health as far as minerals and feed go. The CoatALL attractants are the standout products, when used with your minerals and feed of choice, it TRULY will turn your minerals and feed LIGHTS OUT! WE GUARANTEE IT!! The “CoatALL” attractants contain an Industry leading Trade Secret that Chris Briles discovered and added to the recipe after purchasing the company in 2018. The “CoatALL” was good before, now it’s phenomenal!!!

“I came upon Happy Herd CoatAll on Facebook and decided to try the product because of the reviews other hunters had posted. I bought the Caramel Apple and had no idea what would happen. It attracted my buck of a lifetime, held him, and got him to walk in the daylight. Thank you Happy Herd for making products that truly do make a difference.”Lindsey Hawk