About Us

A Trusted Brand Among Outdoorsmen and Hunting Enthusiasts

Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc is a premium attractant, mineral, and feed company that offers quality hunting products at affordable prices. We developed and manufacture the Happy Herd line of scents and attractants, including the revolutionary Happy Herd Coat “ALL” attractant. Hunters and outdoorsmen across the country turn to our products for effective scent masking and animal luring.

About Our Team

Our team of avid hunting enthusiast come from all over the country. We all have extensive experience in the outdoors and share the same passion to help others make their memories that last a lifetime. 

Today, our passion for hunting has led to our continued success within the industry.

Keep Your Herd in Excellent Condition

Apart from our scents and attractants, we also offer minerals and feed that contain a variety of beneficial nutrients that will help your herd reach its genetic potential. Our nutrient-rich feeds include vasodilators, micro-encapsulated probiotics, and chelated minerals. Each of these offers a unique benefit that will aid in your herd’s health

  • Vasodilators – Increases the size of the blood vessels allowing for more blood flow.
  • Probiotics – Aids in healthy digestion and boosts the immune system.
  • Chelated Minerals – supports normal growth by building strong muscles and bones, improving immune system function, and enhancing overall health.

Created Using Quality Ingredients

We do constant work and research to make sure we only use the most cost-effective materials in making our products. Our team verifies if the effects caused by these ingredients are scientifically proven so we can ensure each bottle of attractant we make is effective no matter the situation.

Our Mission

To provide the best attractants, minerals, and feed at the best prices possible, and keep the hard-working men and women first in our thoughts as we continue making our tested and proven products as well as developing new products for the future.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Nothing Less

We are committed to providing every hunter and outdoorsman a pleasant and satisfying experience when they use our products. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about our line of pheromone-based scents, attractants, and other products, get in touch with us today. Our team is more than happy to help you.