Chris Briles is the President of CSHC, LLC, and Owner of Happy Herd Nutrition’s, Inc. With an extensive background in chemistry and animal biology, the passion Chris possesses as a managing conservationist in the outdoors is second to none. Chris takes pride in sharing the outdoors with his family and friends, all while making precious memories along the way. Chris believes this is why most people choose the outdoor lifestyle. When the opportunity presented itself to own and create products in the hunting industry, Chris stepped up to the plate. Chris is very thankful for the relationships with so many people from across the country and the stories they have shared because of Happy Herd Nutrition’s line of products. Chris’ personal guarantee…“Happy Herd Nutrition’s will always be the Brand of products you can trust to ensure you are using the best quality ingredients and proven, scientifically engineered recipes to take care of your animals. For this reason we are by no means the cheapest, but we can guarantee, we are the best, with our vasodilator, micro encapsulated probiotic and chelated mineral engineering that backs the Happy Herd Nutrition’s line of products.”

Chris Briles CSHC, LLC President

Happy Herd Nutrition’s, Inc.

Founder and president of Premier Outfitters of Western Kentucky. Mark is a US Army vet, and has 45 years experience hunting whitetail. Mark has harvested 25 record class bucks with archery equipment and countless bucks with a gun while chasing them all over the country. He is a Signature outfitter for Cabela’s and also a pro staff member for Matthews Bows, True Timber Camo, Orca coolers, hurricane safety systems, is a published author in North American Whitetail Magazine and Field and stream Magazine and has been featured on many nationally televised hunting shows and is currently working on an original series show.

Mark Clifford
Elite Pro Staff

Lauren Swinson Owner of Full Drawn Addiction… I am an avid hunter and love shooting archery as much as possible. In between Turkey Season and Deer Season I am fishing or finding something to do outdoors. Being wheelchair bound in 2011 has never held me back from loving life and the outdoors.

Lauren Swinson Marketing and Promotional Advisor

Zac Taylor grew up in Southern Georgia and was raised up in the outdoor lifestyle. He now resides in Southern Illinois while pursuing his passions of chasing old mature whitetails and spending time with his family. Zac has an extensive background of marketing and videography in the outdoor industry. We consider Zac a wizard in the social media platforms. Happy Herd is proud to have Zac as it’s National Marketing Director and Field Staff manager. Zac made it clear to us his basis in life is God, Family, and the Outdoors!

Zac Taylor

National Marketing Director

Field Staff Manager

Hunter Briles coordinates all the daily shipping and delivery schedules for Happy Herd. As Hunter begins his career path, he is a great help in the everyday process and behind the scenes work of Happy Herd Nutrition’s here in Alabama. Although, the basis of Hunter’s work is done in Alabama, you may run into him just about anywhere as he heads up projects in other areas of the country as the growth of Happy Herd demands. When Hunter isn’t traveling, hunting, or working, you will find him exercising and training as he prepares to step into the boxing ring.

Hunter Briles

Shipping and Logistics Manager