Chris Briles is a partner of CSHC, LLC, Co-owner of Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc., Happy Herd Farms and founding member of Herd Nation. The passion Chris possesses as a managing conservationist in the outdoor lifestyle is second to none. Chris takes pride in sharing the outdoors with his family and friends, making precious memories along the way. Chris believes this is why most people choose the outdoor lifestyle. So when the opportunity presented itself to own and create products in the hunting industry that help people do just that, he stepped up to the plate. Chris is very thankful for the relationships with so people from across the country and the stories they have shared because of the Happy Herd line of products.

Chris Briles, CSHC, LLC
Managing Partner/Product Specialist

Kevin Greenhill is a partner of CSHC, LLC and co-owner of Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc, Happy Herd Farms, and a founding member of Herd Nation. Looking back now, Kevin realizes how thankful he is for growing up with a dad and grandfathers that introduced him to the outdoor lifestyle which has allowed him to share this with his family as well. Kevin has an extensive background in timber and wildlife management over the last 25 years. When Chris shared with him the products of Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. Kevin saw a response from animals which he had never seen before. With Kevin’s vast knowledge of management practices and the Happy Herd line of products, the opportunity to create Happy Herd Farms was born. Kevin is thankful to be a major part of CSHC, LLC and able to share what is possible when you combine great management and the products of Happy Herd Nutritions.

Kevin Greenhill, CSHC, LLC
Partner / Land & Wildlife Management Specialist

Founder and president of Premier Outfitters of Western Kentucky. Mark is a US Army vet, and has 45 years experience hunting whitetail. Mark has harvested 25 record class bucks with archery equipment and countless bucks with a gun while chasing them all over the country. He is a Signature outfitter for Cabela’s and also a pro staff member for Matthews Bows, True Timber Camo, Orca coolers, hurricane safety systems, is a published author in North American Whitetail Magazine and Field and stream Magazine and has been featured on many nationally televised hunting shows and is currently working on an original series show.

Mark Clifford
Elite Pro Staff