The mineral world is the largest “fake” in the Hunting industry.  If the deer continue to crash minerals sites, it’s because they are not able to raise their deficient levels or because there is SUGAR added.  Quality minerals ,NOT BLOCKS, (an animal will never raise deficient levels by licking on a block…FACT!!) will give your herd what they need and should have to be recharged every 30 days during spring and summer months. Mother Nature didn’t wire deer to like pizza on Friday Night”  Think About IT!! Fawning Does and Bucks pushing bone are the two factors that deplete their bodies of vitamins and minerals. Replace those deficiencies and you see them NO MORE!! Trust Happy Herd recipes with components such as Vasodilators, microencapsulated Probiotics and Chelated Minerals to take care of your Herd. Again, we are not the cheapest on the market. Quality cost more to manufacture.  That’s why Happy Herd has a 100% money back guarantee on all its products!

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